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After more than 200 hours of research and testing, our highly qualified staff compared the most important factors in a medical alert systems, highlighted the pros and cons and compiled our list of medical alert systems for 2020. Here's everything you need to know to find the best medical alert system for yourself or an elderly family member.

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Life Alert Emergency Response

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Life Alert is the nation’s #1 personal emergency response company that has a proven track record of savings lives and improving customers’ wellbeing. As the industry leader in personal protection, Life Alert is the first medical alert provider that incorporated LTE technology into their cutting-edge devices and services. Life Alert is also the only company that offers mobile protection with GPS that never needs charging, so loved ones are protected 24/7.


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LifeStation knows that it's hard to choose the best medical alert device. Their mission is to ensure that anyone looking for a medical alert device will be well equipped to make an informed decision. They are a leader in the industry with a 5-DAY GPS BATTERY LIFE and a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Recently, LifeStation rolled out an exclusive feature named “Find My Loved One”, which is unprecedented in their industry.

Philips Lifeline

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Philips Lifeline was the first to provide a personal alert service in North America and has remained the leading medical alert service in the U.S. At the press of a button, we enable fast, dependable, around-the-clock access to a Trained Care Specialist based in North America, who can respond quickly and dispatch the help you need. Our AutoAlert fall detection technology, available with both our in-home and mobile systems, features smart sensors that can identify most falls and quickly notify a Trained Care Specialist – even if you are unable to press the help button. Since 1974, more than 7.5 million people have counted on Philips Lifeline medical alert systems – and more than 200,000 healthcare professionals have recommended them.

Bay Alarm Medical

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For over 60 years, Bay Alarm Medical's singular mission has been to protect the most important things in life: family, health and independence. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of safety, honesty and customer service. All of our clients are fully protected with industry-leading medical alert systems and backed by one of the nation's most reliable 24 hour medical alert emergency call centers.

Medical Alert

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As the nation’s largest independent provider of medical alert systems, Medical Alert is trusted by hundreds of thousands of families, hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the country–and with good reason.

What is Medical Alert System?

Medical Alert system is a device that monitors emergencies inside or outside the house. It is used for the safety of elder citizens or your loved ones. These devices are designed in such a way that they provide instant signals at the times of emergencies by calling the medical personnel. There are many of us we have elderly members that are vulnerable and require special attention. These alert systems when triggered send a signal instantly to the monitoring system. The alarm system when triggered can send signals to family members also which is rewarding.

The fall or any injury of an elderly person can cause serious trouble and will require immediate attention. With the help of this medical alert system, they can get immediate medical recovery. Medical Alert System has been specially designed for elderly people wherein they can trigger for immediate help. Parents also use it to keep their children safe while at work. These alert systems have recently gained a lot of popularity, especially for the ongoing pandemic. We all want our close ones to be safe during these hard times and offering the elderly in our family with these alert devices can keep them safe and sound.

How to Choose a Medical Alert System?

Choosing the best medical alert systems depends on the three factors which one should consider before buying. These decisions are going to bring a vast effect on the functionality and price that you are looking forward to. These three factors are mentioned below:

Should the alert system be home-based or Mobile based:

Before buying a medical alert system it is very essential to determine whether you want the device to be limited to the house boundaries or give it endless support by opting for a mobile alert system. There are many differences between the two which will help you to select the right one.

Home-based alert systems are confined to the house boundaries which mean that once the person using the alert system goes out of the house it stops working. In the case of a mobile alert system the device functions even when the person is outside the house as the reception is provided by the sim card. Mobile-based alert systems are very popular as it has endless reception to protect elderly people regardless of the distance.

Should the medical alert system be monitored or not:

Another very important factor before buying an alert system is to ascertain whether you want a monitored or non monitored device. Monitored devices are equipped with a call function that enables the person to a 24/7 dispatching center ready to help whereas in a non monitored device the call button when pressed calls someone on your emergency list. The basic difference between the two is the price wherein you have to pay monthly fees for the monitored devices and one-time purchase for non monitored devices.

The fall detecting feature:

Many companies have now introduced the fall detection technology which instantly alerts the dispatching centers if the device senses a fall by the user. This facility is available by providing an additional fee every month.

What Equipment is required for Medical Alert Systems?

There are certain types of equipment required for a medical alert system to help it function smoothly. There are also various medical alert systems reviews that will help provide insight on the equipments that are required for functioning smoothly. Most of the medical alert system requires a landline connection. They consist of a unit and a help button that can be triggered during emergencies. The device can be set up very easily by plugging one unit to the phone jack and use the secondary jack to plug the phone in. doing this the system will start after a few seconds and once the LED indicator turn green it is ready for use.

The base section consists of a speakerphone that can be used to talk and call during any emergency. There is a speaker to hear and also microphones to be able to talk on the other side. On pressing the reset button the call gets canceled on some of the alert systems while on others the call continues until someone responds. This is to ensure that the person calling for an emergency is safe.

The emergency alert system in the shape of a pendant is very beneficial as it can be worn around the neck and carried inside and outside the home for safety. This is because of the GPS technology which enables to track the exact location during emergencies. The user has to simply press the button and the emergency center gets notified immediately. If there is no response from the caller's end then the emergency center informs the 911 for help at the exact location.

Fall detection pendent re one equipment which is of the latest technology having inbuilt sensors to detect fall easily. The moment the pendant detects a fall it informs the emergency center for help immediately.

In-Home vs. Mobile Medical Alert System:

In-home and mobile medical alert systems have differences and can be used as per requirements.

  • Home alert systems are generally used for people who hardly leave home whereas a mobile alert system has GPS built in to track and send response even when the user is outside the home. The home alert system has very less range as compared to the mobile medical alert system.
  • The home medical alert system is much lighter as compared to mobile alert systems. Mobile alert systems are heavy and also larger. Both the devices are small enough to be kept in the pocket or worn around the neck.
  • The home alert medical system is much cheaper as compared to mobile alert systems. A mobile medical alert system can be purchased by giving a monthly fee which depends on the usage. The system requires GPS signals to alert emergency centers irrespective of the location.

Both Home and Mobile medical alert systems have the emergency button built-in which alerts the center at times of any emergencies and is rewarding especially for elderly and vulnerable people in our homes.