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Moving Relocation

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We take moving personally—and we move your personal belongings too! We’re professionals, we’ll take care of all transit formalities so that your belongings will reach their intended destination on time. We take moving personally—and we move your personal belongings too! We’re professionals, we’ll take care of all transit formalities so that your belongings will reach their intended destination on time.

Moving AAA

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MovingAAA was rewarded Best New York Mover from in 2012. MovingAAA is fully aware that transitions are a difficult process these days. Keeping this in mind, we have dedicated ourselves in offering you low-priced yet reliable residential moves. All our mover services are comprehensive, and there are no hidden costs involved!

Gentle Moving

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Receiving free quotes from moving companies has never been easier. GentleMoving is a powerful internet resource that connects consumers directly to companies that provide reliable premium moving and relocation services to consumers all over the country. Whether you are looking for local movers or long distance moving services, we can lead you in the right direction.

Cheap Long Distance Mover

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Moving to a new house or place is a big hassle itself. If this place is in another state or country, then the trouble multiplies by several times. The process includes many stages instead of just packing up stuff in the car trunk. You need proper planning, budget, and expertise of professionals to carry it out successfully. If your hands are tight with a limited budget, you can take some ideas from this article to make things easier for you. Finding the cheapest long distance movers is not always easy as one may think. We hope this article will help you to find cheap long distance moving companies in your area.

Joyce Van Lines

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Set aside any personal belongings/valuables/non-insured items that you are transporting yourself, i.e., cash, jewelry, personal documents, etc. These should be put away in a safe place that is not accessible to the movers so that they are not packed accidentally.

Best Mover Quote

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In this day and age it is difficult to find what you need online. There are TONS of options. BestMoverQuote has made finding a Moving Company much easier. We made sure to narrow down your search and only find for you, the Best Mover Quote, Hence our name. After filling up our short form, Movers in your area that are licensed, Bonded and Insured will contact you about Moving Prices, Services and so on.

Moving Companies USA

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Moving within the same locality seems quite easy to many. However, moving cross country is an entirely different scenario. It demands a lot more labor, patience, concentration and high co-ordination among all parties involved, including the mover you choose from the best movers across the country. As a result, completing this task properly takes a certain level of expertise. That is why many families and individuals seek the help of professional movers to help them shift cross country. However, picking the most suitable mover for you can be quite tricky. So we are here to help you make that decision by providing you with an insight into how to find the best cross country moving company.

American Red Ball

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At American Red Ball, customer satisfaction is our primary concern – and has been since 1919. A pioneer in the long distance moving industry, we are recognized as one of the top long distance moving companies in the nation for performance, innovation, and commitment to service.

Budd Van Lines

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We view people as our most important resource! We could not fulfill our commitment to our customers without motivated, professional, and customer-oriented employees. At Budd, we provide a work environment that fosters employee safety, security, satisfaction, and development. We offer employee assistance, training, wellness, incentive and recognition programs, and Culture Club; employee volunteers who partner with human resources to foster positive employee relations through company activities.

OD Household Services

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Everyone needs a friend like OD Household Services on moving day. Just pack, load and pay only for the space you use on the truck. OD will drive it. The result is a reliable, cost-effective move. Without the stress of driving.

Moving Company Reviews

Moving can be both an exciting and intimidating experience. Being to a new place, meeting new people, and becoming familiar with new cultures can be overwhelming. However, getting an excellent moving company to help with the move can help ease the trouble. Moving on your own is quite impractical unless you have no family and are moving just by yourself with no cargo of any form at all. Unless you are relocating to the house next door, packing all your valuables and carrying them to by yourself is an impossible mission.

You will need to do a lot of pre-planning to ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new place. This includes getting a moving company that will meet all your needs. With very many companies available, you have a wide selection to choose from. In this article, I guide you on how to choose a moving company, the average cost of long-distance moving and even how to save money when you are moving. I hope you find this article insightful and helpful when you are moving next.

What makes a good interstate moving company?


If you are entrusting an interstate moving company with your valuables, you need to ensure that the company takes measures to ensure that your cargo is protected. In case of unfortunate events occurring, your losses will be mitigated.


The moving company should be able to keep track of the shipment at all times. The trucks should be fitted with tracking equipment to ensure smooth and constant communication between the headquarters, the fleet management, and truck drivers.


The best moving company should use reliable equipment and packing materials. They should also offer the highest maintenance standards.

What is the average cost of long-distance moving?

It is important to note that the cost varies depending on various factors and the moving company. Some companies will offer you a moving cost calculator to help you get an estimate of the cost. Let's take a more in-depth look at some of the factors that will affect your cost.

Travel fees

The longer the distance, the more the cost. Here, the cost of fuel is taken into account, as well as the labor cost of moving from location A to B.

Amount of stuff

If you have a lot of cargo, it will take longer to complete the move, and the shipment will also be heavier. Therefore, the more the items you have, the more the cost.

Packing services

Hiring movers to pack your things will cost you more compared to if you packed by yourself.

Add-on services

Getting extra services from the movers you hire will add to your cost. Having them disassembling and reassembling your furniture or moving individual delicate items will cost more.


If you are dealing with a more complicated move, you may need the moving company to offer storage during, before, or after the move. It will cost more to have the company hold your cargo for you in their storage facilities. The rates for storage vary depending on the company.

Moving supplies

If you do not have enough boxes, you will need to purchase moving supplies such as boxes or plastic bins, which will definitely increase your moving cost.


The time you decide to move could either increase your cost or reduce it. Choosing to move during summer, weekends, or any peak seasons will increase your cost by a great deal.

Liability coverage

Best moving companies will offer you insurance for the move. However, you may want to purchase additional moving insurance from a third-party provider.

How do I choose an interstate mover?

Choosing the best moving company will go a long way in saving you a lot of problems. Many things could go wrong, but having a company that has got you will save you all the trouble. Here are two significant factors to consider before choosing an interstate mover.


You need to ensure that you get the value of your money. The services provided and their quality should be equivalent to how much you get charged. Don't waste your money on mediocre services. Once you have done a pre-move survey with the company, an estimated quotation will be sent to you based on the survey. The quotation will include a description of the services that you will get on a moving day. You can also add any other extra services that you may require.


I am sure you will not be the first nor the last to use that moving company. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by looking at some of the reviews that the moving company has.You will know whether the rates they charge are proportional to the quality of their services. You will also know if your cargo will arrive safely and how they deal with lost or damaged cargo.

The moving company reviews will guide you on what to expect, and you will know whether you are taking a vast, unreasonable risk, or the company will help you move with ease.

How can I save money when I'm moving?

Pack yourself

This will help you avoid paying an extra fee to the movers to help you with packing

Get free moving boxes

You can collect free boxes from your liquor store, school mailrooms or around the office to avoid spending on moving supplies

Move only necessary things

You can donate the things that you do not need to avoid making your cargo heavier and cut on the cost.

Compare different moving companies.

The services and rates vary depending on the company. Comparing can help you settle on a good deal.

Choose a suitable time to move.

It would be best if you moved during winter, mid-week or in the middle of the month to cut on cost. Avoid moving during the peak seasons.

Long-distance moving does not need to be a challenge if you engage the best moving company. Therefore, always look up the company reviews before settling on one.